WWII Spitfires buried in Burma located, might possibly be in perfect condition.

Absolutely amazing:

Like a treasure chest stuffed with priceless booty, as many as 20 World War II-era Spitfire planes are perfectly preserved, buried in crates beneath Burma — and after 67 years underground, they’re set to be uncovered.

The planes were shipped in standard fashion in 1945 from their manufacturer in England to the Far East country: waxed, wrapped in greased paper and tarred to protect against the elements. They were then buried in the crates they were shipped in, rather than let them fall into enemy hands, said David Cundall, an aviation enthusiast who has spent 15 years and about $200,000 in his efforts to reveal the lost planes.

If the tar and paper has held up, these devices might be in pristine, flyable condition. They’ll be worth millions, trust me.

And if it’s not enough that mint-condition Spitfires might suddenly come available then take note that these are Spitfire Mark XIV’s, and were outfitted with Rolls Royce Griffon engines. This variant could do 440 mph in level flight and that was back in the mid-1940’s. There are some makes of bizjet today that can’t do that. This is truly stellar and I can’t wait to hear more!