FDA claims your stem cells are drugs and they can regulate them.

The Centeno-Schultz Clinic in Colorado (www.centenoschultz.com) has come up with a procedure wherein they treat patients’ severe joint pain with a non-surgical injection of the patients’ own stem cells into the affected area. The process, simply put, involves drawing the patient’s own blood, centrifuging it and extracting the stem cells that we all produce, and re-injecting them into the site of the pain.
The FDA is arguing (http://gizmodo.com/5881492/according-to-the-fda-your-stem-cells-are-now-drugs)that such a procedure falls under their regulation for 2 reasons. First, stem cells are “drugs.” Even your own. Second, the clinic is engaging in interstate commerce. By performing a procedure in their office with the patient present on premise.
If I may offer my bold commentary? *ahem* Uhh…HUH?!?
This is ludicrous on so many levels it’s nearly impossible to consider this as anything but the latest headline from The Onion. But it’s definitely not just a satire piece – it’s worse. The FDA is basically claiming that your body, and anything it produces, are “biologic drugs” and that you, therefore, are subject to regulation by them. Where does this stop? I know it sounds like a reductio ad absurdum argument, but if my own stem cells injected back into my own body constitutes the application of a “biologic drug” then what’s with the saliva-swapping performed by angst-ridden teens every Friday nite? Is that to be considered possession with intent to distribute, now?
Seriously, this ridiculous encroachment by the federal bureaucracies is just getting worse and worse and under an administration that feels it has the need to control every aspect of American activity it’s not going to get any better. Some serious change in leadership is definitely called for.