Mason-Dixon poll shows VA Senate race a dead heat

Lovettsville Lady over at Virginia Virtucon reports that the latest poll from Mason-Dixon is showing Virginians evenly split on the matter of the upcoming Senate race.

Mason-Dixon’s latest polling shows the Virginia Senate race between George Allen and Tim Kaine dead even with both candidates getting 46% of the vote and 8% of voters undecided.

That’s good information but I would suggest that it might also be showing some skew because the GOP hasn’t decided on a candidate yet. George Allen is certainly well-known across the Commonwealth. He was, after all, the holder of this very Senate seat before our illustrious and nearly-invisible Jim Webb took up the space for the last 6 years. But he isn’t the only person wanting the GOP nomination and we haven’t made up our party’s mind on the matter as yet. Jamie Radtke, Bob Marshall, Christopher Shays, E.W. Jackson, Tim Donner, David McCormick, Rob Wittman and Corey Stewart are all in the race for that nomination and that’s a tremendous number of candidates. And, to be honest, I really haven’t seen much from any of them in the way of campaigning for the nomination. Perhaps it’s a bit early to be hearing anything – and I’ll likely be cringing over how much I’m hearing from them all later on – but I think there’s a lot of people out here waiting to see who gets the nod before they start talking about the vote in November.

If you haven’t done much research into these candidates, now might be a good time to start getting up to speed. We have a lot of important decisions to make this year.



  1. Tim Donner has dropped out of the race but has not endorsed anyone. Bob Marshall’s late entry has shaken things up a bit – and I think he steals some of Radtke’s base and thunder (what little of it there was). Marshall is a big Tea Party candidate and very well respected among the conservative branch of the party – however Allen has the endorsements, money and a state wide organization. Allen is also a conservative – with a record as Governor and in the Senate that he will have to defend, and so far he is doing it well.

    In the end I think Allen wins but the big question will be, will Marshall and the others coalesce around him and join the fight. My fingers are crossed.

  2. Thanks for the link! Several of these candidates will be at the LCRC meeting Monday night at the Government Center at 7:30. Come see them! Corey Stewart told me that he’s running for Lt. Governor in 2013, and not Senate this year. I haven’t heard anything about Rob Wittman getting this race. As far as I know he’s running for re-election for Congress in the first district. With a primary on June 12th, time is running out to get in this race. Christopher Shays is running in Connecticut, for Joe Leiberman’s Senate seat.

    a George Allen will win this nomination and beat Kaine in November. Kaine’s helping by closely aligning himself with Obama. People in Virginia won’t be fooled a second time by Obama, or Kaine.

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