Rathergate 2.0 – the media's desperate attempt to do ANYTHING to smear Republican candidates, Gingrich specifically.

Back in the 2004 elections the Rathergate episode definitively demonstrated that the mainstream media, Fox News excluded, had turned into little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrats and the Left in general. In what remains quite clear to many Americans as a deliberate action, CBS News and specifically Dan Rather accepted at face value and with no authentication documents that were supposedly going to be horrifically embarrassing to then-President George W. Bush. They chose the timing of the report of these documents carefully, hoping to put them out there with enough time to turn the public against the President in his re-election bid, but with too little time for the President to respond to them.

It was the first real application of the “Army of Davids” effect written about by Prof. Glenn Reynolds. An ad hoc gathering of highly skilled professionals applied their collective abilities and tore the veil of CBS’s authority away to reveal the truth and it shone a very uncomfortable light on Rather and his team.

Fast forward to this week and we’re seeing it all over again. ABC News is at the heart of it this time, giving air time to the ex-wife of Mr. Gingrich who boldly claimed that she could destroy his career with a mere utterance. Without any attempt to actually authenticate anything she was saying, ABC simply spread as vicious a spate of gossip as they could and they did it the night before a presidential primary. This isn’t news, folks, this is just trying to air anything that might be harmful to a particular candidate in the hopes that something, somehow will stick. You’d have thought that ABC would know better – and that CNN and John King would know better than to make it the lead question in the debate CNN hosted – than to try this kind of crap given the state of how easy it is to get background information on these matters and how easy it is for people to respond to such obvious bias.

I haven’t made any decisions about who I support and there are things about Newt Gingrich I don’t like. But I, and many of my fellow Americans, are fed up with the so-called mainstream media’s constant slant to the left and the impetus of the media to do less reporting and do more “gotcha!” hunting.

For anyone who may have missed Gingrich’s response to CNN’s John King, here it is: