Federal Judge rules 2nd Amendment does not apply outside your home.

Nope, not kidding. Via Alphecca, we have this story:

The Second Amendment Foundation and Association of  New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs will appeal a federal judge’s ruling Friday  that “the Second Amendment does not include a general right to carry handguns outside the home.”

Federal Judge William H. Walls, a Clinton appointee, dismissed a case filed by both organizations challenging New Jersey’s handgun carry laws, which have all but eliminated the right to self-defense with a firearm outside the home.

The text of the 2nd Amendment is quite clear in that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and there is nothing in it that even remotely implies that said right only operates on property you own. No other protection offered by the Consititution is limited in this fashion. Can you imagine for a second the firestorm that would be unleashed were the right to free speech or to worship or to be free from  unreasonable search and seizure to be ruled invalid outside your own home? Preposterous.

And yet, this appointee of President Clinton saw fit to look at existing case law and guidance from the Supreme Court in Heller v. DC and McDonald v. Chicago and conclude that this 1 right out of all of them suddenly doesn’t apply past your property line. SAF intends to appeal this to the Supreme Court where, I would hope, the honored Justices will overturn Judge Screwloose with extreme predjudice. Obviously there are people on the Federal Bench who don’t consider their oaths to uphold the Constitution to be binding. They need a reminder.


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