John Whitbeck Running For VA 10th District GOP Chair, Receives Endorsement of Delegate Randy Minchew

I mentioned on Friday that the current Chairman of the GOP’s VA 10th District Committee, Howie Lind, would not seek re-election this year. In his announcement, he reported that he had asked John Whitbeck to run for the seat and that Whitbeck had agreed to do so. Today I got an e-mail from the Whitbeck campaign announcing that Delegate Randy Minchew has endorsed him. From the letter from Minchew:

“John Whitbeck and I have been friends for many years and, while we had a contested primary together last Summer, he and I worked closely together immediately afterwards on my campaign for Delegate and on every other Republican campaign in Loudoun County. His commitment to solid conservative principles and outstanding work ethic was a real benefit to me and all our candidates. After our many victories in November, I urged John to put his good leadership talents to work at a higher level as we gear up for one of the most important federal elections in years.

After Howie Lind advised me of his decision not to seek a second term as 10th District  Chairman, I immediately thought of John Whitbeck as a worthy Republican leader to guide our District Committee to critical wins this coming November. John has my support and endorsement in his quest for 10th District Chairman.”


Readers of HoodaThunk? know very well that I hold Delegate Minchew in the highest regard. If Mr. Whitbeck meets his approval, then he meets mine. I wish John Whitbeck the best of luck in his run and the very best in his work for Congressman Frank Wolf in his re-election campaign this year.

Whitbeck for Chairman!