What construction looks like when you mean it.

The 9/11 attacks happened just over a decade ago. While no one was proposing building towers again before the dust settled, there was absolutely no argument that the building should be done. After making sure to recover the fallen and clearing the site to prepare it for building, the building should commence. Ten years later, we’re still waiting for the building to be completed. The original World Trade Center‘s 2 tallest buildings took just 5 years to complete, and that was from 1966 – 1971.

Even with improvements in technology and technique, we’ve managed to complete just 1 of the proposed towers.

Have a look at what it looks like when people mean it about constructing a building. This is a 30-story tower built in China. Total time of construction? Fifteen (15) days.

You just have to wonder what’s the holdup here when you see that it can be done much faster.



  1. Now, Ric…you’ll remember all that lead in the toys from China? This was put up using the same shortcuts. I’d be very leary of the buildings “stay-up-ability”.
    But there has been a double-standard for the US and the rest of the world for years. The Kyoto Treaty was meant to reign us in …and Give China and Japan a leg up. There have been other efforts to impose regulations on us, while they give the rest of the world a pass.

  2. All right, fair enough, I’ll grant you that they used shortcuts that gave them a… let’s say… 10-to-1 advantage in construction times. That means this building should have been up in 150 days. Tell you what, let’s double that to 20-to-1 advantage and make the building time take an even 300 days. Oh, why not? Let’s just give it a full year – a greater than 20-to-1 advantage. So even if we impose that on this effort, they’re still beating the pace of the Ground Zero construction by at least a factor of 5.

    My point was that we seem to be unable to build stuff with any serious speed these days. I can’t buy that Kyoto – a treaty that we never signed or ratified – is the cause. We should be looking inward to find out why.

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