TX boy shot and killed by police after brandishing pellet gun.

It’s tragic that a 15-year-old Texas boy was killed this week, dying by police gunfire. According to the story, Jamie Gonzalez, a student at Cummings Middle School in Brownsville, TX, brought a pellet gun to school, one that closely resembles an actual firearm. He was supposedly brandishing that gun which is what got the cops called. When confronted, gonzalez refused to lower the weapon and pointed it at the police.

What happened next should surprise no one. Police fired, hitting Gonzalez 3 times, killing him. As I said, tragic. There are questions that need to be answered but the notion that police should have either not fired or “fired to wound only” is just flatly wrong.

One of the things I saw reported this morning, however, says that 1 of the 3 shots hit Gonzales in the back of the head. I’ll want to know more about that before I lay the blame completely at the student’s feet.