"E-Voting" ready for prime time?

Ready or not, some people are getting to vote via e-mail and other connected devices:

Voters in many states will have an easier time casting their ballots in 2012, as elections officials are now allowing some people vote via email or iPad devices. They’re also using technology to help count ballots faster and keep track of ballot boxes.

These new voting technologies will save time and money and perhaps allow more people to take part in the elections process. But some experts worry that security flaws still haven’t been fixed and that federal elections are still decades away from going fully online.

I’ve written about this topic here and there starting with this commentary from way back in 2004. It was possible to have electronic voting then and it’s even more possible today. The issues are not so much a matter of technology – although the DC debacle attempted in 2010 that’s mentioned in the story shows you that you still need to get the design right – as they are matters of policy and adherence to protocol. You cannot permit voting via e-mail or the web unless you can positively confirm the person sending the ballot in is who they say they are. Given how much the Democrats can’t seem to support actually carding people to vote, I can’t see that they’re going to support the level of control and authentication needed to allow true electronic voting to occur.