New year, resolutions, and focus

Welcome, my friends, to 2012.

It’s the usual thing at this time of year to make resolutions and here’s the first of mine: I’m getting back to writing this blog like I did before. I’ve had dry spells over the past year, a lot of that recently dealing with being one of those people who lost their jobs and had to get back into the market. The bad news is that tends to suck a lot of energy from you. The good news is I got re-employed and have pretty much recovered from the hit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it here:  a lot of the issue with my losing the gumption to write was centered on the seeming futility of it all. The fatigue that can set in when you make the well-reasoned, rational, logically-supported arguments and see others who just want to spew invective out of megaphones getting the same level of consideration. By any rational measure, they should be ignored within seconds of being heard. But.. they aren’t. And that gets tiresome.

The problem with just throwing your hands up in the air and saying “fergit it!” is that 1) that simply cedes the public square to these colossal idiots and 2) if they’re the only people speaking, then theirs is the only story and opinion being heard. That’s certainly not in my best interest nor that of my family. And so… it’s time to gird up and get in there again.

To those who have checked in occasionally, thank you for your patience with me. To those who’ve newly arrived, welcome. 2012 is a pivotal year for a variety of reasons. So, strap in, hang on… and let’s get to it.


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