Primary night results

Well, it’s been an eventful day! Earthquakes, the demonstration that our emergency response systems out here near the nation’s capital just ain’t up to the task, and the primary elections in Virginia. The earthquake is getting wall-to-wall coverage on the legacy media outlets as well as in the blogs/tweet/Facebook updates and the emergency response systems are a matter for another post. The elections, however…. as reported on the VA State Board of Elections results site:

I would like to offer my hearty congrats to Mr. Randy Minchew who has won the Republican primary for the GOP candidacy for the VA House 10th District seat. As of this moment, 8:50pm eastern time 23 August 2011, 100% of the precincts in the 10th are reporting and Randy took 40.15% of the vote. Excellent work, sir! I look very much forward to seeing you win in November and head to Richmond to be sworn in for the next General Assembly.

I just noted the update at the SBE site this moment and now all the precincts of the 87th District have reported. David Ramadan has won the primary there, taking 55.7% of the vote, a decisive victory. Well done, David, and congrats! Let’s turn our eyes to November as well!

Finally, of interest to this area, is the result of the Senate District primaries, specifically the 13th. With 100% of the precincts tallied, Dick Black appears to have won in a very tight race, taking 38.81% of the vote. That compares to 37.42% taken by John Stirrup and 23.75% by Robert FitzSimmonds. In terms of raw numers, Black got 3142 votes to Stirrups 3029, a difference of just 113 votes out of 8094 cast. Still, a plurality is a plurality and that means my congrats also go to Dick Black.  Nicely done and best of luck in November!



  1. Dear Ric, Allow me to take this time to thank you for running a blog that is not only fair and outstandingly civil to all comers, but is also one that covers topics that other blogs do not.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Rick, when it was all said and done, and the canvass was completed, Black led by a mere 100 votes.
    As you may know, I worked hard fror Stirrup.

    I’ve accepted a 72HR/GOTV position with Black, and strongly suggested that he reach out to John Stirrup with a very congenial phone call (and definitely NOT an e-mail.)

    I’m hoping to run into you at an event soon, brother. I miss our exchanges.

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