Primary Day in Virginia – head to the polls if your District has one!

Well, today’s the day those primary candidates have been talking about for the past month or so. Those Districts in Virginia that have multiple party members vying for the same candidate’s chair in the general elections have a decision to make today and if you live in one of them you should take the time to head to the polls today.

As I’ve mentioned here several times over the past week, my District isn’t one of those so I won’t be participating. In case you’re interested, though, here’s where my vote would go were I in the few Districts around me that are having a contested primary today:

Oh yes.. the 13th Senate… that’s the one pitting Dick Black vs. John Stirrup vs. Bob FitzSimmonds. There’s a lot of strong emotion out there on this one but you know what’s struck me the most? There are far more supporters of John Stirrup that are voting in support of him because they really hate Dick Black than there are the reverse. By and large the people that are supporting Dick Black are doing so because they believe in his conservative credentials and positions. Not that John Stirrup isn’t a true conservative – he most certainly is! – but the feel I’ve gotten about this race is more a matter of people voting either for Dick Black or voting for “not-Dick-Black.” I guess we’ll know by sunset which group has the numbers.

The real question for me is what happens tomorrow morning. It’s August 23rd, folks, and that may sound like a long time to the elections in November but it’s not. I know all about the trouble a person can have getting over the disappointment of an election, and that’s especially true of a primary election where one is supposed to throw ones support behind a person they were considering a mortal enemy just 24 hours ago. I wonder, giving how toxic some of these campaigns have been, whether that’s even going to be possible. But we have to try. Let’s see who carries the day and let’s get on with pointing our rhetorical guns across the political divide and toward November.