The UN should not be permitted to override the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment in America

In my latest issue of America’s 1st Freedom, David A. Keene, President of the NRA, wrote about a serious threat to Americans’ exercise of their right to keep and bear arms. Having been unable to convince their fellow Americans that they just don’t need that right, having had it proven that the force of US law is not supportive of their position that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t really mean that any Joe American can actually have a firearm, gun-banners are throwing their weight behind a treaty effort ongoing in the United Nations. The “Arms Trade Treaty” is supposedly all about establishing standard protocols for import and export of conventional arms. The problem is that it goes much further than that – and that’s what the supporters of the proposed treaty intend.

This morning’s Washington Times has an opinion piece on the matter by Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS).

In October 2009 at the U.N. General Assembly, the Obama administration voted for the United States to participate in negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) – a reversal of the previous administration’s position. This treaty purportedly is intended to establish “common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms.” However, by threatening to include civilian firearms within its scope, the ATT would restrict the lawful private ownership of firearms in our country.

The previous administration had, by the way, made is excruciating clear to members of the UN that the United States would not support any treaty that threatened to undermine the US Constitution’s protection of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Frankly, that should apply to any treaty and to any part of the Constitution, but it’s clear by now that some of the more vocal “supporters” of our civil rights mean all of the civil rights that they like. I suggest you read the Senator’s article, but the issues are, basically, these:

  • The treaty should concern itself with military-grade weapons and leave civilian firearms and ammunition alone.
  • The treaty should not apply to the domestic manufacture, sale, or possession of firearms. At. All.
  • America has the most stringently tracked and enforced export standards on the planet. (When our government actually follows the laws they’re supposed to be enforcing, that is.) American citizens’ right should not be infringed upon because other countries aren’t enforcing their own laws and blocking illegal arms.

Fortunately this treaty stands no chance of being ratified even with the current Administration pressing for it. But you have to ask yourself about the support level for US laws and democracy held by such an administration that wants so badly to find a way to circumvent the will of the People and Judicial Branch’s balance of their power.