For my friends in VA's 10th District: be sure you know about the candidates.

On August 23rd there will be primaries held for the State Senate and Delegate seats in those Districts where the party nominations are contested. We’re not having one where I live but over in the 10th District there’s actually 3 Republicans jousting for the spot. One of them is John Whitbeck and I just got done reading an interesting piece over at Too Conservative on his financial conservative bona fides, or lack thereof. If you’re in the 10th or know someone who is, you should go have a read and get up to speed on things.

I’m not in the 10th, but if I were there’s no question who I’d be supporting. Randy Minchew is a man of great character, the ability to get things done, the skills to avoid the needless gridlocking that pervades our political process these days, and the conservative background – shown in words and deeds, thank you – that any conservative or Republican should be proud to espouse. He’s the man you want representing you in the General Assembly. Minchew for Delegate!