Comstock for Delegate! HoodaThunk? enters the 34th District of Virginia

(Corrected the link to Tag Greason’s campaign web site.)

With the redistricting done in the wake of the 2010 Census, we here at HoodaThunk? were given a new experience: we were re-districted into another Delegate’s territory. As you will likely recall from the 2009 election season, we were previously in the 32nd House District and held the honor of having Tag Greason as our representative. With the re-districting over, we now find ourselves in the 34th HoD District and are pleased to make the acquaintance of Delegate Barbara Comstock.

The 34th runs from pretty much right here out through Great Falls and much of Fairfax County. Comstock has been quite active in the 2010-2011 legislative sessions, helping Gov. McDonnell usher in budget surpluses after inheriting deficits and in making Virginia’s unemployment rate of 6% one of the envies of the nation. Comstock is a solid performer with an eye on promoting business, transportation improvements, telework advancements, and education excellence here in Northern Virginia. There are a few issues I’ve not seen her positions on and I’ll need to before election day, of course, but for what I have seen, I feel pretty good about landing in the 34th.

More to come as I learn more!