Candidate for Virginia's 87th HoD District Jo-Ann Chase threats lawsuit on blogger for writing about her?

OK, this is just as politically stupid as it gets:

Yesterday a South Carolina law firm representing 87th House District candidate Jo-Ann Chase demanded that I “cease and desist any and all publication regarding [their] client” or they would “immediately commence legal action” against me.  Well, here at BVBL we don’t take kindly to ridiculous legal threats and have a standard response to dealing with those.  Jo-Ann Chase and her goofy attorneys can bite me.

She directed her lawyers to threaten legal action against a private citizen engaging in speech – “any and all” speech, I might add –  about a person who has declared candidacy for a public office? Is she serious?

As the blog post linked above shows you, this isn’t the 1st time she’s pulled this, either. It seems that when she’s challenged, her first thought is to sue the challenger, not actually, you know, campaign. And this is the person who wants to be sent to Richmond to do the peoples’ work?

No. It sounds more like someone who actually wants a political office as a vanity plate. I’m unimpressed.

You want a suggestion for who to support for the Delegate of the 87th District? David Ramadan. I’ve met him, I’ve talked with him. He’s the real deal, and he’ll serve with honor and integrity. Go have a look and get to know him. If you’re in the 87th, you could be in good hands.



  1. David is sticking to the issues and doing all the grassroots work necessary to win – knocking doors, phone calls, visiting farmers markets and fairs, reaching out to every member of the community possible. The citizens of the 87th will be well served by David Ramadan!

  2. Jo-Ann Chase did not support the Cordoba House initiative (now renamed Park 51 to be more politically correct). This project, to build a 13 story mosque two blocks from where 2,752 Americans were killed by Islamic jihadists in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, is the epitome of cultural stupidity. David Ramadan has offered his support for this project. Ramadan is arguably not even a legal resident of the 87th District based on current voter registration cards signed by himself and his family which means the democrat is likely to be unopposed in the November general election if Ramadan wins the primary. Ramadan is well funded and has family links to foreign intelligence agencies.

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