Randy Minchew for VA Delegate, 10th District!

Randy Minchew has always been highly regarded here at HoodaThunk? and it is, therefore, with great enthusiasm that I pass along to those who may not have seen it yet the news that Randy is entering the race for the Delegate seat of the 10th District in Virginia’s General Assembly. My advice to my fellow Virginians in the 10th, next door? Throw your weight, your assistance, and you vote behind Randy Minchew. You cannot go wrong.

Here’s Randy Minchew’s website, his Facebook page, and his Twitter feed so you can read all about it and stay current with his efforts. Go Randy!


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  1. 8/21/11 Considered 3 candidates and when 1 candidate had to flood our mail with fancy colored literature that tried to slur another candidate, I saw a desperate “Minchew” Any one who campaigns with slurs like Minchew’s mailings fails the character level that we want in Richmond.

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