Jumping the gun: the Left's mad scramble to use a tragedy to score political points at all costs

No event could possibly highlight better the sheer disgust that’s plagued me over any attempt to rationally discuss anything with the Left these days than the shootings last week in Tucson, AZ. No sooner than I had decided to relaunch my blogging efforts did a true tragedy occur. A literally insane man (if the evidence thus far is true) decided to go and kill a political figure. In that act, he displayed a complete disregard for anyone else’s life and killed 6 other people including a little girl and a federal judge, leaving another 13 wounded. His target, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot in the head and remains critically injured but, thank God, survived. The shooter, Jared Loughner, was overpowered and captured at the scene. He is in custody awaiting what I am sincerely hoping is a short trial.

This story is bad enough right there. The judge, US District Court Judge John Roll was on his way home from church, apparently deciding to stop by and see Giffords, a friend and colleague, on a whim. The girl, 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green, was there out of a growing interest in public affairs, just to see a Congresswoman. The families of these two and the other victims have had a part of their lives brutally torn away. It is for them and the members of the community in which they lived and worked that our concerns should be for. But as one of the Left’s leading lights, Rahm Emanuel, famously said, the Left never wants to let a serious crisis go to waste. And so, before the literal blood was even dry on the street, the Left immediately dove into the tragedy with a gleeful swan dive and blamed not the maniac with the gun but anyone who didn’t hold their values as sacrosanct.

From Paul Krugman to Kos, the New York Times to the Huffington Post, fingers pointed at all manner of people and viewpoints they despise as being the real cause of things. Sarah Palin pushed this guy – who must be a big fan of hers – to his actions, they said. The Republican push to repeal the Obamacare disaster gave this guy the idea to kill off Democrats. A Tea Party, right-wing perspective on the world – complete with a no-doubt NRA-fueled gun nut mentality – pushed this lunatic to murder. And, in a moment more suited to an article on The Onion, the suggestion was made that the reading of the US Constitution at the opening of the 112th Congress created or intensified the “climate of hate” the Republicans and conservatives in general have been simmering these many years and turned someone into a bullet-spewing killer.

And the Left’s allies in the media could not wait to spread these ridiculous, slanderous lies as widely as their diminishing readership would allow.

Pathetic. Lazy-minded. Ghoulish. All of you on the Left who jumped so fast to blame your ideological opponents for the murderous actions of a literally certifiable crazy man were dead wrong and, it appears, the American public knows that. The facts, if the Left were at all concerned about such things, would have clearly showed them that Loughner was far, far from a conservative. His interests, in fact, show a marked preference for leftist thinking but we should be clear that it’s becoming obvious that political thought and debate were just not things he was that concerned about in any regard. Of course, now that President Obama himself has come out chastising everyone who was blaming Republicans and the Tea Party and their rhetoric for the shootings they’ve all harrumphed that people shouldn’t jump to conclusion – even though it was they, themselves who did so. And now, they’re doing everything in their power to completely ignore the whole thing.

Well good luck with that. Because the days of you leftists getting to just spew off and then walk away are over. Check the polls, ladies and gents, if you don’t believe that. More Americans think it’s the Left creating a climate of hate than don’t and I assure you that I and every other fed-up conservative are going to make sure they remember that for the next couple of years. Tie that into the whining pity-party that the Dems in Congress have become now that they can’t just steamroll their agenda over the will of the American citizenry and it’s going to make a very interesting story in 2012. Until then, let’s just remember who was the party happy to step on the backs of murdered Americans to push their political points. That’s you, Dems and leftists, all you. Own it and enjoy it.