Relaunch – "Who'd a Thunk" it would have taken this long?

Yes, it’s been a while.

I’ve been writing blogs in 1 form or another since late 2001, the very 1st such entry on the night President George W. Bush announced on TV that US forces were engaging the Taliban in Afghanistan in the process of going after Al Qaeda. That was before the term “blog” was really in the public lexicon or such sites as Blogger or WordPress existed. The creation of those pages required a fair knowledge of HTML since there weren’t a whole lot of tools available at the time.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

Over the course of these several years I’ve had reason to expound on this or that, mostly politics. In some cases I’ve had a lot to say, in others not so much. Over that time, I’ve been given to bouts of blogger fatigue. Never as bad as what hit me right at Thanksgiving.

There were a lot of factors involved and perhaps we’ll go into those down the road. One of those was a matter of throwing my hands up in the air in frustration at the sheer refusal of some people to engage rationally in public debate. They still exist and they still (if you’ll pardon the expression) bitterly cling to their flawed perceptions, refusing to even once consider opposing viewpoints even as they thump their chests over how open-minded they are. They cheer the actions of the Congress of the past couple of years as Pelosi and crew ran roughshod over the minority – and, let us not forget, the majority of public opinion – and refusing to allow open debate and transparency. Now, after 2 years of dismissing the minority’s concerns and getting a historic pounding at the poles over it, they complain before the new Congress was even seated about how the Republicans better be “bipartisan” and give the same Democrats who denied even the chance for debate a full voice.

The irony is lost on them. In that environment, what is even the point of trying to engage them? That’s the thinking that leads to almost a month and a half of silence.

Engaging them is not the point. The hard-side activists (on either side) actually occupy only a small slice of their side of the political spectrum. The much larger majority are far more likely to listen to argument and it is they, not the communists and socialists of the far left, that are the audience one should engage. One can not engage them by being silent. My frustrated silence only helps those who aren’t listening to me anyway and only hurts me. And that’s what this holiday respite has brought to me.

So, with the 2011 campaign season in Loudoun starting up again, it’s time to gear up and get back in the game. HoodaThunk? is in relaunch mode, starting today. Thanks for your patience. Now, let’s get in there.



  1. Yes! Welcome back! We’ve missed your wit and wisdom. 2011 going to be a bumpy ride!

  2. Welcome back Ric. We need your wisdon and guidance more than ever!

    Since you mentioned the 2001 decision to commit troops to Afganistan – I’d like to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pres Bush 41 and the start of the Gulf War (Jan 16).

    20 years ago seems like an eternity, but just like yesterday. I remember where I was when 41 made his Oval Office Speech, and where I was when 43 made his Oval office Speech on Afganistan 10 years later. God Bless our Troops!

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