Making more money is apparently a bad thing unless you're a government employee.

Listening to some of the people on the left complain bitterly about corporate execs making more money you’d think that they’d be pleased any time highly-paid people get a little jerk on the leash. After all, if someone engaged in private enterprise with the goal of getting a bigger paycheck has the hand of government restrain his efforts to an acceptable level (acceptable to the group of leftists in question, of course) then shouldn’t that apply pretty much anywhere?

Apparently not. President Obama has proposed a 2-year freeze on federal wages, wages that have been increasing at a much greater rate than the private sector. The left has apparently begun screaming about this, even though they don’t appear to have much to offer in terms of a reason why it’s such a bad thing. Don Surber details some of the reaction, noting:

From TPMDC: “The early reviews of President Obama’s plan to freeze federal worker pay are in — and it gets a resounding “F” from just about everybody outside of GOP leadership. Michael Linden, a budget expert at the liberal Center for American Progress, said the plan is small potatoes that risks driving away valuable civil servants with little budgetary upside.”

From Echidne of the Snakes: “So why pick one particular group only? Or is this a beginning of some larger cutbacks of freezes in, say, Social Security payments? Is Obama courting the tea-party section of the Republicans?”

Apparently Echidne is unaware that Social Security has been frozen for two years.

Way to stay on top of your arguments, Echidne. That’s right: Obama’s only asking the federal employees to do what Social Security recipients have already been doing for 2 years. And, I’d like to note, this is an idea that was proposed before. By Republicans. Of course, the White House poo-poo’d the idea until – wow – Obama suddenly saw it was a reasonable measure to take. Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler also noted this and wants to make sure everyone knows the magnitude of what we’re talking about:

But hey, it’s a start. Maybe that’s why libs are protesting.

Perhaps. But it is a start and one must start somewhere. Unlike some of the libs in this country, Obama (or his advisors) realizes that you can’t demand larger and larger cuts of private sector money without putting some of the burden on the federal employees who both enjoy greater increases in pay and much, much higher job security.