QandO highlights the irony expressed by certain liberals over the Simpson-Bowles proposal

McQ uses the term “irony” to describe it. I think “hypocrisy” is more accurate. Speaking to a post by Matt Yglesias wherein the vaunted liberal says, basically,  ‘of course liberals are unhappy with the proposal because there were no liberals involved in its creation’ McQ wonders where Yglesias’ perspective was during the Obamacare so-called “debate.”

But when the GOP was unhappy with the health care law, it was because they hated poor Americans and were the lackeys of the insurance companies, right?

Well, of course we were. Because no liberal could possibly be anything but motivated by altruism and a shining sense of justice and progress and no conservative/Republican could possibly be anything other than a corporate drone, drooling at the prospect of ruining another person’s life.

Fair is fair, liberals. You set this playing field when you decided to ram your agenda down our throats and refused to listen to the rising voices of opposition. Don’t whine now when it’s come back to haunt you. Want it changed? Let’s see a little flexibility from you, first. You had your chance to demonstrate it over the last 2 years and declined to do so. (“I won”, remember?) Well, reap what ye sow.