I'm supposed to speak out against Olbermann suspension?

Apparently Keith Olbermann, one of MSNBC’s resident Republican/conservative bashers, got suspended this week after it was discovered that he had given monetary donations to Democrat candidates for office. And, apparently, I’m supposed to be outraged or something over this and fire off a nastygram to NBC telling them to keep him on the air.

First off, Olbermann was suspended because he knowingly violated a rule of conduct set by his employer. Whether I agree with that rule or not is completely beside the point. Olbermann knew about the rule, he knew what would happen if he broke it, and he went ahead and broke it anyway. I’m sorry – why am I supposed to be fighting that fight?

Second, I don’t watch Olbermann. He’s crass, he’s clueless, and basically unhinged. If I wanted to absorb that kind of crap I’d be wallowing in it over at Daily Kos or MoveOn.org. I couldn’t care less if he’s on the air or not. So, again, why am I supposed to be fighting that fight?

Yeah, yeah, I know – anyone who didn’t know Olbermann was a flaming liberal fully in the tank for the Democrats and the left in general either had never heard of him or was in deep denial. If he hadn’t given money over to Dem candidates in an effort to get them elected, I’d have been surprised. That is, if I’d cared. I didn’t. And don’t. However, so far as I’m concerned his absence from the airwaves will only make the atmosphere more healthy for everyone so, for whatever reason, I’m perfectly fine with his being offline. If Bill Kristol over at the Weekly Standard or any other leading light of the right wants to get in there and have at it, be my guest. I’ll be paying attention to newscasters and commentators that matter, thank you. Olbermann can fade off into the sunset.