Hotline reports that GOP wave netted 680 State Legislative Seats

Great headline for this kind of story: “Devestation: GOP Picks Up 680 State Leg. Seats

While the Republican gains in the House and Senate are grabbing the most headlines, the most significant results on Tuesday came in state legislatures where Republicans wiped the floor with Democrats.

Republicans picked up 680 seats in state legislatures, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures — the most in the modern era. To put that number in perspective: In the 1994 GOP wave, Republicans picked up 472 seats. The previous record was in the post-Watergate election of 1974, when Democrats picked up 628 seats.

The GOP gained majorities in at least 14 state house chambers. They now have unified control — meaning both chambers — of 26 state legislatures.

This is a little more detail on this initially under-reported facet of the elections this week, something I referenced earlier.

We here in Virginia have a split control with the GOP firmly in control of the House and the Dems in control of the Senate of our General Assembly. Our elections are timed for 1-year “lag” on the national elections so we’ll have ours next November. And we’ll be seeing about correcting that issue of control of the Senate.