Bag of uncounted ballots magically appears in CT after Gov's race turns out to be closer than expected

After the AP had announced that the Dem candidate for Governor in CT had won the race it appears that everybody in the blue section up there kind of relaxed. Then the CT Secretary of the State declared the Dem candidate, Dan Malloy, the winner (unofficially since the ballots were still being validated). However, the numbers released by her office actually showed GOP candidate Tom Foley ahead by 8,000 votes. Being behind by 8,000 is a strange definition of “winner.”

And now – shockingly – a bag of uncounted ballots from the city of Bridgeport has been located and the Dems are scrambling to get them included. I’m always amazed at how the bags of ballots suddenly come to light when the Democratic candidate for a given office looks to be in trouble. We saw the same thing a few years ago in Washington State and now, surprise!, we see it again.

Who was responsible for these ballots on election night when they were supposed to be counted? Where have they been all this time and under whose control? This isn’t rocket science, people, and it’s certainly not Connecticut’s first rodeo. These people have been holding elections for various offices for over 200 years. You’d think they’d have this figured out by now.

Dirty tricks. That’s what this smells like and the citizens of CT should be demanding better from these people who are allegedly trustworthy enough to be in the positions they’re in.