2010 General Elections Results blog

OK, there’s just about 1 hour left for the polls in Virgina. (If you’ve not voted, get out there!) This is the post I’ll be using to update the results as I hear about them and to comment on election stuff in general as the night progresses.

For Virginia, the site to check is the Virginia State Board of Elections Results page. Hopefully they’ll be good about updating stuff.

So, check back here as the night commences and I’ll update as we go along.

Update 7:04pm : And so it begins. The polls have just closed in VA and I’ve just gotten back in to the house. Let’s see what’s up around the ‘sphere.

Update 7:15 pm: I note that they’ve already called victories for Rand Paul in KY and Dan Coates in IN for the Senate. Paul keeps KY’s seat in the GOP and Coates takes one away from the Dems. Should be an interesting night.

Update 7:26 pm: I just noticed we’re starting to see numbers coming up over at the SBE site I linked above. Goodlatte is, of course, going big. Cantor is looking good, as expected. Most of the rest is way too early to tell.

Update 7:36 pm: Just got a tweet from ABC’s Jake Tapper that says ABC is calling the Ohio Senate race for Rob Portman, another GOP pickup.

Update 7:45 pm: At present, Rigell in VA-02, Hurt in VA-05, Griffith in VA-09, Wolf in VA-10, and Fimian in VA-11 are all showing leads. Still very early in this, tho.

Update 8:10 pm: Griffith in VA-09 is pounding incumbent Rick Boucher, currently up 52.75% – 44.82% with almost 65% of the district reporting. I’m catching tweets that some local pundits are already calling it for several of the GOP challengers but this one seems pretty solid. (The others are Hurt over Perriello in VA-05 and Rigell over Nye in VA-02.)

I also note – again – that where results from polls are being reported all over the state, not a single update from Loudoun County is available. Seriously? Over an hour after the polls are closed and not one, single update?!? Fortunately, we’re not held hostage to that this year to determine that Frank Wolf is doing very well. Currently showing is Wolf’s 66.55% lead. Nicely done.

Update 8:27 pm: Well, maybe someone over at Loudoun’s elections office was listening. Numbers are finally starting to come in. Those numbers are showing Wolf with a crushing lead in Loudoun – as expected – running a hair over 65%. More to come.

Update 8:47 pm: Robert Hurt in VA-05 is holding onto a 51.88% lead over Tom Perriello with a 45.83%, about 11,000 votes with almost 85% of precincts reporting. I don’t see how Perriello can pull this out. I guess Obama shouldn’t have campaigned for him after all.

Side note: I see Fox is calling the Arkansas Senate race for Republican John Boozman over incumbent Blanche Lincoln. That’s another GOP Senate pickup. More to come.

Back to VA, Morgan Griffith in VA-09 is running pretty much the same numbers against incumbent Rick Boucher as Hurt is over Perriello. He’s got a 10,000 vote lead with 78.33% of precincts reporting. Looks like Boucher is joining Perriello in the resume-writing class.

By the way, Frank Wolf is still sitting on 64% of the vote, at present. As expected, he’s crushing Democrat Barnett.

More to come…

Update 9:25 pm: OK, at present:

VA-02, GOP’s Scott Rigell with 54% of the vote, 75% reporting. Rigell’s got a 13,000 vote lead. It’s over, Rigel wins!
VA-05, GOP’s Robert Hurt, 51% with 93% reporting. He’s up 8,000 votes. It’s over, Hurt wins!
VA-08, GOP’s Patrick Murray is sitting with 37% of the vote with 87% reporting. Good try, sir, but this one’s lost.
VA-09, GOP’s Morgan Griffith, 51% with 95.25% reporting, up by 8,000 votes. It’s over. BIG upset! Griffith wins!
VA-10, GOP’s Frank Wolf, 66% with 75% reporting. Unsurprising but still nice. It’s over, Wolf wins!

And now, the nail-biter: VA-11, GOP’s Keith Fimian is sitting at 72,085 (49.2%) to Dem Connolly’s 71,359 (48.7%) with 70.23% reporting. This one’s going to go to the wire.

Update 9:55 pm: With 91% of precincts in VA-11 reporting, the race keeps teetering back and forth. At this moment, Connolly is winning with 94,890 (49.18%) over Fimian with 94,066 (48.76%). Far too close to call and well within the margin allowing for a recount upon request. The other races in Virginia are done and the GOP has done some tremendous work out here. Of the 10 other districts, 8 will have Republicans take the seats in 2011. Congrats to all of the winners thus far. I’ll keep an eye on VA-11 for a while longer.

Update 10:10 pm: Music to my ears: Fox News and CNN both projecting that the GOP will take the House.

Update 10:20 pm: In VA-11, the latest update with 96.42% of precincts reporting, Connolly is showing 101,444 votes (49.17%) to Fimian’s 100,626 (48.77). This could certainly go to recount but I’m beginning to think there’s not enough votes left in the precincts still to report to get Keith Fimian back over the line. I’ll await the official tally, of course, and I think this will go to recount regardless of which way it goes.