Common Sense on the Fimian stance on gun control laws and the Connolly camp's desperate deceptions

I wrote yesterday on a campaign ad – it’s a smear campaign, actually – against VA-11’s candidate for Congress Keith Fimian. Brian Schoeneman over at Common Sense writes eloquently on a related matter where the Connolly camp is hyperventilating over a statement Fimian made responding to the Virginia Tech references made in the ad:

I know that the Fimian campaign has apologized for his comments, saying that the choice of words was inappropriate.  I can only assume they mean the “packing heat” reference, which I find not so much inappropriate as dated – this isn’t a 1940s gangster movie.  The sentiment Fimian made, however, does not need to be apologized for.  He is right.

Most certainly he is right. I would comment further but Brian’s post is so well written and grounded that it would be a shame if you didn’t go and read it for yourselves. Head over there and enjoy.