"D" stands for "Deceivers" yet again: Connolly and DCCC riding the backs of the slain to push another lie and attempt to smear Fimian

I just happened to catch the tail end of this latest ad for the 11th District’s incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly. In it, he and the DCCC attempt, once again, to push the lie that the mythical “gun show loophole” is somehow responsible for widespread death, specifically the Virginia Tech killings in 2007. The ad opens up with narration and family photos of Omar Samaha speaking of his sister, Reema. Reema Samaha was one of the 31 people killed by mentally deranged Seung-Hui Cho. If that name sounds familiar to you who have read this blog for a while, it should. Her name was invoked in the 2009 campaigns by then-state Delegate Dave Poisson against Del Tag Greason. I wrote about it then:

The DPV themselves followed up that act with a mailer today attacking Tag Greason over his staunch defense of the 2nd Amendment rights of Virginians. In it they give a soapbox to Joe Samaha, the father of Reema Samaha, one of the slain Virginia Tech students gunned down by Seung-Hui Cho in 2007. Samaha wants us to “vote no on Tag Greason” because Greason would oppose legislation “closing” the mythical “gun-show loophole.” Such a stance, he says, is a disgrace to his daughter’s memory. And that, my friends, is yet another deception.

As has been explained literally hundreds of times to these people, Cho didn’t buy his guns at a gun show, he bought them in a store and was subjected to the background check these people seem to think is a magic panacea for mentally-deranged violence. The DPV, via Joe Samaha, are riding on the backs of the fallen to mislead us on yet another topic and they are hoping that this pile of deceptions will be enough to distract us from noticing the 1 thing they hope we’ll miss. That’s the fact that Dave Poisson’s record in office has been sorely lacking…

A year later, yet another Virginia Democrat and his party are trying the exact same argument. And they’re doing it for the exact same reason. Reema’s family obviously misses her a great deal. But they do themselves a disservice by voluntarily becoming just another tool for the Dems to use.

Again – and get it through your heads, Dems and Samaha family both – the so-called “loophole” had not a damned thing to do with the Virginia Tech killings and all 31 of those people would be just as dead today had it been in place. Gun shows have been conclusively disproven by every agency that tracks these things to be a source for criminals to get their guns. It just doesn’t happen. The only thing these people are really aiming for is to regulate private ownership and transfer of legal firearms out of existence.

Keith Fimian knows all of this because Keith pays attention. Keith recognizes what these calls for regulation are really about and he’s firmly against curtailing the freedoms of law-abiding Americans in the Commonwealth. His opponent just wants to deceive you. We in the 32nd District showed the Dems last year what we thought of their playing fast and loose with the truth. I would urge my neighbors in the 11th to do the same. Kick Connolly to the curb. Vote for Keith Fimian for Congress!



  1. Excellent piece Ric, these tactics are old and tired. When you’re down in the polls, the angry politician pulls out the OLD bag of tricks because the NEW ones aren’t working – Connolly needs to be a one-termer.

  2. I haven’t see this one but while at the gym I’ve been seeing a ton of Connolly and Fimian ads. Connolly is a disgrace and needs to go.

  3. Clarification on that last paragraph: I was referencing Virgina’s state-level 32nd House District in my comment. I am, of course, referring to Virginia’s federal Congressional 11th District where Keith Fimian is concerned.

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