DCCC and Connolly return to Dem SOP: when out of ideas, lie about your opponent

After the DPV’s performance in last year’s elections I figured that we should just start calling them the “Deceiver Party of Virginia.” Looks like the DCCC and Gerry Connolly have decided to return to that SOP against Keith Fimian over in the 11th District here in Virginia by launching an attack ad that misleads and outright lies. Over at the WaPo’s “All Opinions Are Local” we have this from Paige Cunningham, The ad makes all kinds of accusations about Fimian’s business dealings and, basically, tries to paint the situation as demonstrative of poor business skills and unethical leanings. The problems for the DCCC come when you actually look at the company and the issues they allege and you find things aren’t how they described:

The problem is, U.S. Inspect is a successful business. It has an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau. It holds dozens of patent claims. And the lien, while undoubtedly embarrassing to Fimian, has since been released.

It’s easy to debunk some of the other claims in the new ad — such as an accusation that U.S. Inspect’s corporate status was revoked by the Arkansas secretary of state. I’m not sure where the DCCC got that information, because a quick call to the Arkansas office revealed that the company withdrew its status back in 2003 — voluntarily.

And while the ad is correct that Fimian signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge authored by Americans for Tax Reform, the pledge doesn’t mention anything about corporations outsourcing jobs, as the ad suggests. In fact, it just says the signer agrees to oppose raising marginal income tax rates and reducing or eliminating deductions or credits.

As with so much of the Dem’s attacks, they make the statements confident that people either can’t or won’t actually check on the underlying information. Given how easy that is these days, that’s a pretty dumb move.

As with the campaigns last year, I have to ask what this tells us about the DCCC and Connolly as regards their credibility. It tells us they’ll make accusations as if they’re graven-in-stone facts when they either don’t really know or – worse – when they know full well they’re untrue. If they’ll lie about this stuff, what else are they lying about that we just haven’t caught them at, yet? How can you trust them to tell you the real deal when it’s important?

You can’t. Connolly has spent the last couple of months trying to paint a new portrait of himself as some kind of “Washington outsider,” sticking it to his leadership and standing up as an independent voice. A voice that’s been clear in cutting spending and whatever else he’s been saying. The facts are quite different and the record of his votes shows that quite well.

Keith Fimian doesn’t have to deceive to show his business bona fides and he’s been quite clear about his stances regarding the Dem leadership direction. My neighbors in the 11th, you deserve far better representation than just another Pelosi stooge. Virgina deserves better than to have just another Dem rubber-stamp sitting in one of our caucus chairs. It’s decision time in just under a week. In fact, you have until Saturday to even vote early. I urge you to make the right choice for the future and elect Keith Fimian to Congress.


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  1. The WashPo had an article comparing Gerald Connolly in VA’s 11th and Jim Moran in VA’s 8th district, and posed the question why is the crass and gaff prone Moran doing OK while declaring that he is proud of being a big-spending leftie while Gerald who is hiding that he is also a big spending leftie is in such a tight race. As the WashPo also points out, the 11th is a centrist, moderate district, and voting with the hard left is no more acceptable there than voting with the hard right would be. Fimian occupies the middle and his campaign is directed at the current concerns of his district and of the country as a whole. Meanwhile, Connolly’s campaign is lying, stealing signs all over northern Virginia and running ads that are irrelevant to the aforementioned concerns. The real question is why is the DNCC wasting $1 million in the district for the last 5 days in a futile effort to save their Jim Moran clone.

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