Wikileaks doc dump cuts both ways, it seems

I’ve not been following the document dump from the latest Wikileaks… uh, leak. However, there are a few items in there I’d like to see some of the most vocal members of the Left address. One of those is the confirmation that the Lancet report – you know, the one that said the US killed over 600,000 Iraqi civilians during the invasion – was and is dead wrong. From Andrew Bolt at Australia’s Herald-Sun:

I’m not sure it’s what WikiLeaks intended, but its latest leaks reveal that the infamous Lancet paper which claimed the US-led liberation of Iraq cost the lives of 655,000 Iraqis in fact exaggerated the death toll by at least 600 per cent:

It’d be nice – and ethical and professional, to boot – for the “news outlets” that relied on the Lancet report to guide their coverage to come clean and admit they were (at best) misled. At worst, they swallowed up unsupported tripe and used it to build their reports because it fit their worldview. Either way, a passing nod that it was incorrect would be nice to see. Won’t happen, but it would be nice.