In spite of the MSM's attempts to create a Dem upswing out of thin air, the AP poll shows GOP enthusiasm growing

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Although you have to look hard for it, the latest AP/GfK poll shows that the enthusiasm gap is continuing to grow in the final two weeks of the midterm election cycle.  Despite sampling problems — such as an eleven-point gap in identification of Obama/McCain supporters when Obama won by seven points, and a partially disguised 32/25/43 partisan split — the desire to elect a Republican-controlled Congress has grown. A majority of likely voters want a Republican-controlled Congress by eight points, 51/43, and the GOP wins the generic ballot by seven, 50/43.

Monkeying with the numbers is the only way they can give the Dems any hope and, perhaps, bring people who would otherwise stay home on November 2 to the polls. The fact is that Dem voters have seen 2 years of a Congress and White House that have, for a variety of reasons, been huge disappointments. Broken promises to those who supported the socialist agenda Obama and his allies have pressed as well as a dawning realization by those who were caught by surprise that Obama’s agenda really was as socialist as many of us have been saying has led to Dem voters dropping their support. And if they can’t bring themselves to vote for another candidate, they’ll just not vote at all. In spite of the stories being shopped around about a sudden Dem resurgence Dems are still losing huge in the various polls. Of course, the only one that really matters is about 9 days away, now, so we’ll know for sure in about 10 days.


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  1. […] As I mentioned earlier today, the MSM is certainly doing all they can to paint the Dem’s situation in the most positive of lights. It should come as no surprise, then, that the various leftish organizations seeking to continue the Dem’s hold on Congress would be coming up with their own stuff. From a link I saw over on Facebook comes this article over at the “Campaign for America’s Future.” Continuing the left’s meme that people are just, frankly, too dumb to be able to vote correctly (a preemptive explanation for the butt-whuppin’ they’re about to get), they bring up this list of 8 things the public supposedly “knows” – and is incorrect about – that they should get educated on before voting. What it is, in reality, is a list of misdirections designed to make people think that things are hunky-dory and that they’d be fools to not sign the Dems up for another 2 years of running our economy into the ground. (To say nothing of taking over huge swathes of what has always been private sector enterprise.) […]

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