Virginia to raise speed limits in some parts of the state

Following a trend in other states, Virginia is set to raise the speed limits to 70 mph in some areas of the state, notably in the more rural areas:

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell announced the change Wednesday. It will affect interstates located in areas that are rural or less populated. It includes segments of Interstate 66, from Faquier County to Interstate 81 and Interstate 95 from south of Fredricksburg to Ashland and from Prince George County to the North Carolina border.

Fair enough. But what I’d like to see is a raise in the speed limit of some of the more traveled roads up this way. I’d like to see the Dulles Access Road limit raised to 65 or even just 60. I realize that at certain times of the day getting to as high as 45 on that road would be something to shout about, but you know what I mean. Route 28 is a 6-lane divided highway for much (if not all) of the run from where it starts at Route 7 in the north to the intersection with I-66. While there are traffic issues on that road as well, it could also do with a raise in the limit. I’d also like to see the Loudoun County Parkway brought up to at least 55. (And we still need that section where it insanely drops to a 25 mph zone fixed.)

Good start, but let’s follow through.