Items of note and a light blogging alert

Just wanted to raise a couple of items of note this morning. First, I’m attending a wedding later today so blogging will be light. Hopefully I can comment tomorrow on a couple of other items, namely:

A Wisconsin judge has ruled that WI’s ban on concealed carry is unconstitutional. Interesting. I’m looking for the ruling to read before I comment completely but I thought this was interesting enough to bring up.

Bruce McQuain over at QandO asks a critical question of all of those people who reflexively scream, “racist!” whenever someone expresses opposition to illegal immigration or building a mosque within spitting distance of the site of the largest attack on the US by Muslim terrorists:

What has “race” to do with either Arizona’s immigration law or the Ground Zero Mosque?  Seriously – if those coming across our border and wanting to build a mosque next to where Islamic extremists killed 3,000 Americans were lily white, would it change the argument?

If they were white Muslims would everyone say, “oh, well, never mind – build your mosque where ever you want”?

If those coming into our country illegally were blond haired and blue eyed, would the prevailing consensus be, “hey, that’s fine, no problem”?

Race has never been part of the equation for me. I’ll post more on this later but I really wanted to get this out there as wide as possible because it’s a critical question.