Wolf for Congress!

(A letter I sent to the editors of certain publications in Loudoun this morning.)

With just a couple of weeks to go before we Loudouners head back to the polls, it is time to give some serious consideration to the decision before us. As he has done for us before, Frank Wolf is running for re-election to Congress so he may continue to represent us in the House of Representatives. Congressman Wolf has been a capable and dedicated elected official and has served the interests of Virginia’s 10th District well over his years in office.

Frank Wolf has continued to press for fiscal sanity in our federal government. He has worked very hard to pass legislation to create the SAFE Commission, a panel focused on reforming our tax and entitlement systems and laws. His efforts have gathered wide support, from his fellow sponsor (Jim Cooper, D-TN) to the 115 other co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle in Congress to the many private organizations and media outlets that have praised Wolf’s efforts. Attempts have been made to suggest that Frank Wolf is somehow part of the spending problem we have before us in the current Administration and Congress. Nonsense! His attempts to reign in the runaway spending in Congress are well established and he will continue those efforts when we send him back to Washington.

Congressman Wolf has worked tirelessly to bring federal support into our transportation improvement efforts, to focus law enforcement resources on securing our communities, and to bring a wide array of economic opportunities to Loudoun. His experience in pursuing these goals will only improve his performance as we move forward.

Sending Frank Wolf to Congress has been a wise decision on Loudoun’s part. It’s time to be wise again. I’m voting to re-elect Frank Wolf to Congress and I urge my fellow Virginians to do the same.

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  1. Well written and I completely agree. There will always be a set on the right that Wolf will never please, but if he made them happy he’d lose far more in the middle. Wolf is a stand-up man of sterling values, who represents our district well. A good conservative, he will fight to reform our country and set us on the straight path.

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