Hillary has "no interest" in VP positionS

Apparently there’s been a lot of buzz over the last couple of weeks that Obama might dump Joe “Foot-in-the-Mouth” Biden as his running mate when he faces the voters again in 2012. Biden’s been nothing but a boat anchor to a presidency already sinking fast under its own incompetence so it’s not hard to believe the rumor. Of course, some of us said Biden shouldn’t be the VP back when they 1st suggested him and perhaps Team Obama has finally figured out we were right. But if he’s going to show Biden the door, who would Obama pick to replace him? Perhaps the person who came closest to taking the 2008 campaign away from him?

The news today, however, is that Hillary Clinton isn’t interested in being a VP. I’ll bet not. Why provide any aid at all to Obama when she can sit back, watch him sink under the weight of public opinion and then take him out of the running during the next Dem primaries? She can sit in the big chair and dump his butt out on the curb. And all she has to do is smile for the next year or so and enjoy the show.