Do it our way or die – ain't that hilarious?

(Catch the wonderful commentary by Iowahawk on this matter, too.)

When the eco-activist group 10:10 decided to release a video touting its push to get people to commit to reducing their carbon emissions by 10% this year, I have no doubt that they put their hearts and souls into the effort. That’s what scares me, given the disgusting, appalling result. In this “short film” there are a number of scenes where some authority figure or another is seen touting 10:10’s program followed by their asking people who are not moved to participate to identify themselves. After making a big deal about saying that there’s “no pressure” to participate (the name of the film is “No Pressure”, ha ha) the aforementioned speaker pulls out a box with a big red button and presses it to detonate the people who have decided not to join. Those people are literally splattered all over the set and the other people around. Did I mention that scene #1 occurs in a classroom? With kids?

James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph wrote about this piece of trash the morning it was released:

Gillian Anderson, Peter Crouch [a tall footballer], Radiohead, David Ginola [a French footballer] and – above all – Richard Curtis, I salute you! You have just released a video which has entered history as the most emetic, ugly, counterproductive eco-propaganda movie ever made. Believe me this thing is going to go viral beyond your wildest dreams. But unfortunately that virus is ebola.

That, it turns out, was putting it mildly. Of course the usual apologists for the kind of “we don’t need to discuss this anymore” set so well represented in the eco-activist movements today make their giggling little, “oh, of course we don’t really want to blow anyone up” but I can’t really credit that comment, much, given the context it in which it was offered. From the UK Guardian’s story (and you should note that the Guardian is one of 10:10’s sponsor/supporters):

“Doing nothing about climate change  is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody’s existence on this planet? Clearly we don’t really think they should be blown up, that’s just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?” jokes 10:10 founder and Age of Stupid film maker Franny Armstrong.

Buh ha ha ha, Franny. Delingpole hits it squarely with his answering commentary:

What’s fascinating, reading this kind of thing, is seeing just how far removed from reality the green movement has gone. Kyoto is dead. Copenhagen was a flop. Cancun is going to make a mockery of all those green dreams about global carbon emissions legislation. And how do the environmentalists respond?

By force of argument?

By presenting new evidence which supports their cause?


By threatening to blow up anyone who disagrees with them.

And not just that: they believe this is actually an entirely reasonable and rather amusing position to adopt.

And there’s the rub, isn’t it? As they say in law, if the law’s on your side, argue the law. If not, pound the table. If the science were truly settled and on their side, there’d be no denying it. It isn’t, so they advocate violence. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air asked the question that immediately came to my mind:

The other, mainly unrelated point that comes to mind is that this represents a reductio ad absurdum of the view from the hard Left about how dissent gets treated by the mainstream American populace, vis-a-vis  the Iraq war especially. Can you imagine the reaction had an organization like Move America Forward produced a video like this, where those who didn’t support a robust strategy for the war on terror were blown up by a button-pushing advocate for the strategy? Especially children in a classroom being terrorized by their teacher into compliance with the groupthink?

Yeah, I can imagine it. They’d freak. And you know what? They’d be completely justified in doing so and I very likely would have been right there with them castigating the jackasses who would consider coming up with such a vile release. Or how about a video showing 2nd Amendment supporters asking who in their audience didn’t support their take on the right to keep and bear arms and then pushing a button opening a trapdoor beneath those identified, dropping them into a cage filled with rapists and murders? Dropping them in unarmed, of course. Again, they’d be screaming about it.

The ebola-style viral that the video went to (thank you, James Delingpole, for that little turn of phrase) was apparently so fast and so powerful a backlash that 10:10 immediately pulled the video. Or, rather, they’ve tried to. They also decided to put out a typical non-apology apology that says “gee, we’re sorry if our gruesomely disgusting presentation of the kinds of things running through our minds somehow managed to offend anyone.” But, oh well, they say. We thought it’d be funny but, oh well. In other words: “You’re offended? Oh well.” As in: “You’re offended? Well, tough [excrement].”

I mentioned they were trying to pull the video. Turns out that they offended so many people and by so significant a margin that people have collectively decided to make sure they can’t just sweep this one under the rug. Every time 10:10 tries to get YouTube to pull the video, someone else re-uploads it. Also, people are putting it up onto other services that are less likely to respond to 10:10’s request in the first place. Now, we’re getting remixes of the film, including this one by Orwell’s Spectre. The key thing about this remix is that it doesn’t actually change the message at all. It’s the same audio and the same video, just with the scenes and the underlying message labeled properly.

This remix doesn’t edit out any of the graphic imagery used – people are getting splattered in this one because that’s how it appeared in the original. I caution you that it’s literally impossible to un-see something, so don’t play the vid if you have a weak stomach or are easily upset at the sight of blood.

The “Go Green or Get Dead” approach isn’t going to win any friends and the eco-activist set better learn that damned quick. Start ponying up the science if you want to be taken seriously.


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