True colors on display: Dems / media don't mind abusive religious smears, as long as it's against Christians or Republicans

This in from Hot Air, Democrat incumbent Alan Grayson (D-FL8) has gone from unprincipled liar to abusive wacko. Fresh off putting up an ad that literally calls his Republican opponent a draft-dodger (verifiably untrue), Grayson now decides to equate a man who quoted a biblical verse on the matter of marriage with a terrorist deployed to kill American soldiers and unbelievers. Wildly misinterpreting scripture, Grayson slaps the nickname “Taliban Dan” on Daniel Webster, causing Ed Morrissey to correctly note:

Gee, I seem to recall how Democrats used to shriek hysterically about having people impugn their patriotism for opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, suddenly, quoting either Ephesians 5 or Colossians 3 makes one the equivalent of a terrorist group that is our enemy in the field?  TPM  avoids taking any kind of a principled stand on this smear, noting only that “reporters and partisans argue about dubbing a Congressional candidate a member of the Taliban[.]“  Do they really “argue” about it?  Which reporters, or even rational partisans, think that calling a candidate “Taliban Dan” is somehow both instructive and reasonable?  The only one making that argument even on a general basis is Markos Moulitsas in his book American Taliban — an argument that even many on the Left rejected as extreme.

Dems like Grayson are running scared because all of the bluster and excuses they used to ram their agenda past American citizens who, by majority, have said they don’t support it. Lacking any ability to actually argue the issues, they turn to ad hominem and scare tactics. Grayson happens to be most visible at the moment but with just under 40 days to go, you’re going to see more of this kind of inexcusable behavior. They don’t deserve the support. Read up on the Republicans’ approach and get the facts about those running in the races. Lunacy like Grayson’s should be renounced by anyone interested in reasonable debate and decision.