Delta Connection flight makes emergency landing in New York

Delta Connection flight 4951 made an emergency landing at New York’s JFK on Saturday night, skidding to a stop as a landing gear malfunction caused 1 wing to drag the ground on landing:

The first sign of trouble for passengers aboard Delta Flight 4951, being operated by Atlantic Southeast, from Atlanta to White Plains came when they realized the plane was circling the wrong airport.

Conroyd had said the flight was 15 minutes ahead of schedule, but when the expected arrival time of 8 p.m. passed, Freda looked out the window and noticed something was amiss.

That “something” was the right-side main landing gear which stuck in the retracted (“up”) position. Setting the plane down like that is a very dodgy proposition, obviously, and the biggest problem in keeping the plane actually on the runway at setdown. With one of the mains stuck up the wingtip becomes the point of contact creating severe drag, pulling the plane to the side of the stuck gear. Major kudos to the pilots for keeping that sucker on the pavement and out of the ditch.