Food trucks in DC facing cumbersome new regs, or outright ban?

Interesting: “Food Trucks: Will D.C. Be the New L.A.?

When it comes to street food, D.C. has offered little more than the occasional hot dog stand or ice cream truck for many, many years. Tourists and offers workers alike labor under the terrible yoke of dirty water dogs and deli sandwiches.

But as the price of opening a restaurant gets higher and higher, even the snootiest food entrepreneurs are turning to the the Good Humor man for inspiration, filling trucks with lobster rolls, Korean-fusion tacos, or cupcakes and taking to the streets.

The article is about a couple of rumors floating around that, with the economy tight and food trucks offering a wider array of menu items bringing more people out of the restaurants and onto the sidewalks for lunch, the DC Council is considering slapping a whole new set of regs on the truck operators. That or, worse, simply banning them outright.

When I was working downtown on a daily basis a few years ago I made the acquaintance of a couple of these trucks. While I get the point they’re making here, I do need to raise a mild point of contention. The impression they’re giving you, here, is that only the boiled-dog and shrink-wrapped sandwich fare is available. Untrue. The one trailer outside of the Hoover Building had some killer half-smokes. They were good going down although I couldn’t take them too often. And I’ll cheerfully admit that I never had the bravery to let the girl running the place slather on some chili over the top of them like a couple of my colleagues did. (After Skyline Cheese Coney’s, a mere chili dog simply won’t do. Man, my mouth’s watering already!) Anyway, the food was pretty good and the price was definitely right. It beat the crap out of having to walk over a couple of blocks to wait in a 20-minute line when all you wanted to do was grab something and head back to the bunker… uh… I mean… your desk.

You know what I mean.