Deal on an external hard drive

I just happened to notice this deal on a hard drive over at Amazon. This is an Iomega eGo USB 2.0 500 GB Compact Portable Hard Drive 34896, selling at the moment for $64.99. Unbelievable. I recall very clearly the day my boss opened up a box and showed me the 1st 1-Gigabyte hard drive he had ever bought. Installing that thing into the company’s file server literally doubled our storage capacity. It was huge, we both thought, and it was expensive enough that he treated it like a bar of gold. He’d had to figure it into the capital expenditure budget for our IT systems.

This thing is is 500 times the storage capacity of that original drive. And you can buy 30 of ’em for less than what that boss paid for the 1 back in the day. Seriously, folks, if you’re not backing up your systems these days, as cheap as storage like this is to buy and as easy as it is to use, you’re risking your precious data for no good reason!