#YouCut : House Dems vote to permit federal employees to continue not paying their taxes

Eric Cantor’s YouCut project is the constituent-fueled attempt to present ideas to the House of Representatives for cutting federal spending. Suggestions are made about what to propose and a weekly vote is taken. The winner of that vote is proposed in an amendment to pending legislation on the floor, offering congress the chance to show whether they’re really for reducing our federal debt or not. There have been several proposals to date including such mundane items as selling off excess federal property and controversial ones that would reform or outright kill off certain federal programs. This past week’s winner was something else, as was the result.

Imagine for a moment that you were instructed, as part of your job, to provide your social security number and proof of legal residence. Not too hard to imagine that, is it? If you’re employed, you already have. The federal forms W-4 and I-9 are already required and you very likely recall being asked to complete them. Now, imagine for a moment that you had not done so. For whatever reason, you just didn’t do it. Your employer comes to you and tells you you must fill out those forms and turn them in. For whatever reason, you don’t.

Any guesses as to how long you’ll get to do that before you’re fired? I’m guessing it wouldn’t be long.

Filing for and paying federal taxes is something every employed American is supposed to be doing. No one doesn’t get that. Go long enough and owe enough, and you get into serious legal trouble. If you’re an employee of the IRS, you get terminated for it. But not if you’re a federal employee of any other agency. There are, at present, tens of thousands of federal employees who owe back taxes and their total debt adds up to nearly $1 billion. They work for the federal government. They know full well where the federal government gets its money to pay their paychecks. They know full well their obligation to pay those taxes. And yet, year after year, they don’t pay them.

The winner of this week’s YouCut was an amendment calling for the various agencies of the federal government to be allowed to terminate current employees and to prohibit the hiring of future employees who are seriously delinquent in their taxes. That proposal was sent to the floor this week and was shot down with 226 Democrats voting against. Those Democrats voted to deny the government agencies directly affected ability to demand that delinquent employees pay their taxes or go find another job. They voted to allow federal employees who aren’t paying their tax bills to continue not doing so. These are the people telling you that they are the best stewards of the public’s funds and the most concerned with good governance. Don’t believe the words. Believe their votes.

Have a look over at YouCut and weigh in on the decision of the week.



  1. If the Republicans take over the majortiy in 2010, will Eric Cantor still continue the “we cut”amendments or is this just a game since they cannot win a vote like this? Will the already voted on amendments be brought back up again for revote if the Rep. take over control of the House

  2. Have you directed your question to Congressman Cantor? We who have been participating certainly will look for this collaboration to continue but, frankly, if the GOP retakes the House it won’t be as necessary to make such a big deal about it. The Dems won’t be able to block such proposals and they’ll get passed.

    Of course, Obama will still likely veto them but that’s another issue, right?

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