Firearms myths addressed

Thanks to Instapundit, I found this link to a site called “It’s Tactical” that has an interesting post up on 9 myths about firearms. The comments section on this post is already long (and probably gonna get longer!) and you can imagine that making definitive statements about what you consider myths is going to generate… (ahem)… discussion. However, it’s a good read and has stuff to think about.

Even trying to excerpt the post will wind up doing it an injustice so I recommend reading the whole thing. I will tell you what the myths are and address a couple of them here.

1. Caliber matters – he thinks it’s better to get the right tool for the right job.
2. Firearms experts – not as many of them at gun stores as you’d like to think.
3. Dry firing damages weapons – nope.
4. “I’m a great shot!” – he points to the difference between punching holes in targets and being combat-effective.
5. “A (insert gun here) isn’t very accurate” – most of the accuracy issues are in the shooter, not the gun.
6. “I know how to shoot. I’m a police officer, Marine, (fill in the blank)” – kind of a repeat of #4, if you ask me.
7. “Kneeling/modern isosceles/Monica/(insert technique here) isn’t comfortable” – and getting shot is way less comfy, so get over it.
8. “I can’t shoot a (insert gun here) because of the grip angle” – get the right sight picture and the gun shoots fine.
9. Guns need to be cleaned every time they are fired – not so much.

The 1 myth that resonates with me is the first one. Having done the research, there is no question whatsoever that a .40 caliber round will impart more energy to the target than a 9mm round resulting in more stopping power/takedown power. The physics behind that are undeniable. The fact that the .40 is a bigger/heavier/more expensive round is undeniable, too. After firing weapons chambered for .40 I came to the conclusion that the .40 offers greater stopping power, sure, but only if you actually hit the target. The It’s Tactical post says it best: shot placement is far more important than the caliber used.

Interesting article. Go have a read.