Dem's re-branding attempt raises the question: If the new Dems are "change that matters", then the change they've already given us was pointless?

So, “Hope and Change” is now “Change That Matters?” In their attempt to re-brand themselves – a pretty transparent attempt to evade the consequences of forcing their agenda down the public throat of an American populace that mostly doesn’t support it – The Democrats raise an interesting question. If they’re now the “change that matters” then what have we been seeing for the past 18 months or so? “Change that was pretty pointless?”

The Republican National Committee  scoffed at the changes. “There is no surer sign of the Democrats lack of ideas and lack of a coherent message than for the DNC to promise an announcement that would change the election an then unveil a new logo,” said spokesman Doug Heye. “Voters care about growing jobs and fixing the economy. The DNC’s assumption that anyone outside Washington – or inside Washington, for that matter – cares about a silly logo only demonstrates their political tone deafness. “

Precisely. The Dems are touting the “interactive” nature of their new website but what they’re talking about is enlisting people’s support as unpaid phone bank employees, nothing more. That’s game-changing? Don’t think so.


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