Playing the race card seems to be the Dems only response

Whenever opposition to the President or the Dems’ agenda comes up (something that’s happening a lot these days) it won’t take long for some Dem operative or one of their media allies to give that smug, knowing look and blame it all on racism. Bruce McQuain at QandO takes a look at the latest example, an interview on MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ show with Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Cynthia Tucker. Listening to Tucker play the race card, McQ comments:

And, of course, it couldn’t be the rotten economy, the promise that the trillion dollar stimulus would fix it when it actually seems to have made it worse (or at least had no effect), or that the government took over car companies, has proposed trillion dollar deficit budgets as far as the eye can see, rammed an unpopular health care law down our throats and has seen no leadership whatsoever out of the White House could it?

Nope – it’s all about losing the “white majority” isn’t it?

Sure seems to be. It’s the typical use of a slanderous ad hominem attack in the place of actually addressing the concerns expressed. Any and all rational and reasonable discourse is simply dismissed out of hand. It is the business-as-usual disregard for anything the citizenry is saying that’s generating the anger. People like Tucker are just desperately seeking avenues to evade the real questions and any Democrats that choose to follow her lead are going to see some real anger in November expressed via ballots cast for the other guy.