WaPo says Obama was "more polarizing that we knew."

Dan Balz of the Washington Post writes an article in today’s WaPo (A section, page 2 for those of you with the dead tree edition) titled, “Early on, Obama was more polarizing than we knew“:

One of the puzzling questions about Barack Obama’s presidency is how the post-partisan candidate of 2008 became the polarizing chief executive of 2010. The answer may be surprising. He was far more polarizing from the start than many recognized.

Uh, not to those of us who were actually paying attention to the man’s record, comments, and actions.

Views of Obama as a leftist, as an extremist, as a would-be socialist, as dishonest – all of which became commonplace among some tea party activists and other conservative opponents once he was in office – were implanted during the campaign against McCain.

They were “implanted” in his conservative opponents, this author among them, because we weren’t blinded by the messianic “The One” rhetoric and actually – I have to repeat myself – paid attention. No one with even a passing familiarity of Obama would claim he’s anything but a leftist. His stances on all manner of issues are classic leftist. We view him as a leftist because he is a leftist. His policies are opposed by majorities of Americans on just about every issue. When you’re outside of the mainstream on topic after topic – something he cannot possibly be unaware of – and you continue to press ahead, ramming your agenda down the throats of the American citizenry, then you’re an extremist. He’s presided over and actively pursued a policy of establishing and enhancing direct government control over areas of industry long held in the private sector – health care, finance, manufacturing (auto). That is, by definition, socialist. The only difference between the “view” held by we who opposed his election prior to November 2008 and that we hold now is that he’s no longer a “would-be” socialist. He’s got actual socialist policies enacted, now. He’s a socialist.

Dishonest? Let’s see… how many campaign promises has he failed to even address, let alone keep? He just got done talking about our actions in Iraq and has touted how he’s managed to “bring our troops home.” Did you know there are 50,000 US servicemen and women in Iraq right now? And they’re not packing up to get on flights back home, either. The only reason he can even say that our combat troops are out of Iraq right now is because of the Surge strategy devised and enacted by the previous administration – over Obama’s loud and continuous objections and predictions of failure. So yeah, he’s dishonest.

In short, all of the “implanted views” that we opponents of Obama’s election held have been completely vindicated. He is exactly as polarizing as we knew him to be. Only the members of the MSM who went so deep in the tank for Obama so as to put all of their abilities at his disposal to become the President are surprised. And that surprise comes when the reality of Obama’s polarization of our body politic is realized by those who willingly did not see. And that would be you, Washington Post. Among others.


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