Dems looking to handle their Obamacare support by ignoring it entirely

A very telling sign of the seriousness of an individual is how vocal they are about actions they’re supposedly proud of. If, for example, a bunch of politicians who steadfastly fought for a law that would benefit America were successful in getting it passed – to their thunderous applause, I might add – you would expect them to be right up front about their support of that endeavor.

Curious, isn’t it, that of the 219 Democratic members of the House who voted in favor of passage just 6 months ago not a single one of them is running an ad touting their support of Obamacare? Every one of them is up for re-election in just under 2 months, now, and not a one of them is stepping up to even mention the supposed signature achievement of this last Congress. Oh, but of the 34 of them who voted against it, 5 of them are certainly making a big deal about it. Now, if this were really the work of the true leaders of America, the steadfastly just plain right thing to do, wouldn’t they be proud of their work? Would they not stand boldly forth claiming their confidence that they had done the proper, just, and Progressive™ thing on behalf of all Americans in the face of spiteful resistance?

Seems to me that if they’re doing everything they can to avoid even mentioning it, then they’re not so confident of all of that at all. Seems to me that they’re trying to just duck their heads and hope no one mentions it, not even briefly. That’s not the sign of a project people think was the correct thing to do, not even the people who were the architects of that project. That should be telling my fellow Americans something about their choice coming in November. The Democrats don’t even want to talk about what they actually accomplished during this Congress, let alone what they didn’t. They don’t deserve to keep their hands on the wheel of state.