Gov. McDonnell to launch investigation into VA computer outage

Gov. Bob McDonnell says he wants an independent investigation into the particulars of the state computer system outage, an outage that continues today.

Gov. Bob McDonnell wants an “independent third party” to investigate the collapse of a Virginia government computer system nearly a week ago that continues to paralyze some agencies.

“I am not pleased that our employees and citizens have experienced this disruption in service,” McDonnell said yesterday in ending his public silence on the crisis.

Six of 26 agencies hit by the outage Wednesday still were not fully up and running, despite a promise by state computer chief Samuel A. Nixon Jr. to have their service restored by yesterday at 8 a.m.

The VITA update as of yesterday at 5:00 pm said that 3 agencies – the DMV, the Department of Taxation, and the State Board of Elections – are still offline. While the VITA site hasn’t given much detail, some items are starting to come to light. According to the story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the failure in the SAN was specifically in a storage device built by EMC, a DMX-3. Supposedly, a circuit board failure in the unit caused the array to crash. Now, the word is that the load transferred to a backup unit which then failed in precisely the same way. EMC is supposedly adamant that this is unprecedented. Yeah, I’ll bet it is.

More to come as more it known.


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  1. There are repercussions for many agencies through-out the state due to this outage. Thanks for keeping on top of this Ric – and thanks to Bob McDonnell for digging for answers and a fix.

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