More results from yesterday's primaries: McCain wins nomination in AZ

Senator John McCain has won the nomination in AZ to run for re-election to his Senate seat as was widely expected these past few weeks. This, along with the Meek’s win in Florida, is part of the primary story from yesterday. AZ Governor Jan Brewer also won her primary and will stand for re-election.

Not every incumbent is faring so well. Alaska’s Senator Lisa Murkowski was facing another Tea Party-backed candidate, Joe Miller, and as of this morning it’s looking like Miller might have pulled off an upset. According to the Alaska State Elections results, Miller is leading Murkowski 51.09% to 48.91% with nearly 98% of all precincts reporting. The vote count difference is showing 1,960 votes in Miller’s favor out of 89,858 cast. It’s 4 in the morning there at the time I’m writing this so we might have to wait a few hours for an official ruling.

More to come.


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  1. The Alaska race is very interesting. I have no love for Murkowski, but given AK’s dependence on federal dollars – we will see if the citizens really embraces Miller’s (assuming he wins) fiscally conservative values. All this on the heels of the death of Ted Steven’s – the ultimate porker.

    AK’s relationship with federal money is changing, or Miller is going to get his butt kicked. I hope it is the former.

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