Meek wins FL Dem nomination, 3-way race for Senate seat now set

Kendrick Meek has won the FL Senate Democratic nomination, setting up the general election match-up between himself, Republican Marco Rubio, and GOP-turned-Indie Charlie Crist.

Meek, after struggling for a period in the primary, widened his lead in the polls in recent weeks as he aggressively went after Greene for making millions by betting against the housing market. A series of news reports highlighting Greene’s personal life, including his friendship with boxer Mike Tyson, didn’t appear to help either.

Though Greene far outspent Meek on attacks ads, casting the four-term congressman as a corrupt incumbent, Meek enjoyed support from President Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Bob Graham, Florida’s respected former senator and governor.

Polls forecast a tight race for November, though Meek does indeed start as the underdog. A recent Rasmussen poll showed Rubio leading Crist by 5 points, with Meek trailing in a hypothetical general election matchup.

This will be bad news for Crist, that’s for certain. His only hope after thumbing his nose at FL Republicans (and keeping their donation funds after doing so, to boot) was in pulling votes from the Dem side of the aisle. That would only happen if the Dems weren’t happy with their nominee and with Meek defeating Greene, that ain’t gonna happen. Should be an interesting race from here.