Iran's new weapon: the "ambassador of death" "unmanned bomber"

Iran is preening for the weapons-reporting cameras, again, this time with the announcement of their first domestically-built “unmanned bomber aircraft.” Old Pres’ Ahmadinejad called it an “ambassador of death” to Iran’s enemies which, most certainly, he counts the US among.

Interesting name, assuming the actual name is the Persian word for that phrase. I can’t really bust his chops too badly for that, however, given the presence in our inventory of a weapon system called “Reaper.” (I believe it’s safe to consider “ambassador of death” a synonym to “Grim Reaper,” yes?)

The ship looks an awful lot like a AGM-86 ACLM (air-launched cruise missle) with a single jet engine, air intake at the top rear of the fuselage just ahead of the tail. The ACLM is a missile, however, not a bomber. The story goes on to suggest that the Iranian bird is capable of being armed with either a pair of 250-lb bombs or a single 450-lb device. That implies that it will actually fly to the target, drop the payload, and return. I’m not sure I’m seeing the sensor apparatus that would permit such a mission and there are issues with flying remote-presence sorties that have nothing to do with the actual aircraft. As I have said before in posts about the Iranians’ military advances, lately, it seems to be something beyond their abilities. Until, that is, you factor in the rather cozy arrangement they have with the Russians. I would imagine that nuclear fuel isn’t the only thing they’re getting from Moscow.