Dulles Metro station surfacing?

WTOP is reporting that the design for the proposed Metro stop at Dulles International Airport might be changing. The initial design called for an underground station located under the hourly lot in front of the terminal. Folks who have used the Daily parking deck there already know that there’s an underground walkway from the deck to the terminal that goes underneath that hourly lot.

Well, now they’re talking about making the station an above-ground station (like most of those on the Orange Line out into northern Virginia) which, clearly, they cannot do if they leave it in the middle of the hourly parking lot. The new location is supposed to be in the thin slice of land between Parking Garage #1 and Saarinen Circle, the main traffic path in front of the terminal. If positioned there, the walk to the terminal for any passengers arriving by Metro would be about the same as if they had parked at the garage. It’s not 10 steps, but it’s not a marathon, either. Not a bad idea, I suppose, and it would avoid having to either tunnel beneath the hourly parking lot or tear it up completely to finish the station.

Thoughts, my fellow locals? (And yes, I know some of you are thinking, “Yeah, don’t build the damned thing…” That’s OK, too.)